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About VHSC

About VHSC

Verakin High School of Chongqing (“VHSC”) has a long history. It was initially established as Chongqing Women’s Middle School in 1940, which filled in the gap in the field of women education and started a new chapter in education in Chongqing. The representative founders such as Li Xiuzhi, who was educated in the US, and Li Hongming, in France, planted the seeds for internationalization at VHSC. Since then, it has changed its name several times, and was reformed and renamed as Chongqing No.2 Foreign Language School in 1997.  Although the school has experienced several changes and challenges along with the rest of the country, it has made a number of achievements, especially after it was privatized in 2002.  Since then, it has steadily grown stronger and has had many successes toward meeting its goal of being “No. 1 in Chongqing, well-known in China and approved by the world.”

VHSC is located in Nan Shan Mountain Scenic Spot area with beautiful environment and convenient transportation, with an enrollment of approximately 4,800 students from six countries. It is about eight miles away from downtown. The campus covers an area of 300 acres and is equipped with modern facilities such as a gymnasium, a football field, badminton courts, cafeterias, dorms and the academic complex buildings to meet the academic needs.   VHSC has achieved many honors and recognition since its founding, including the “School Base for Chinese international promotion” by Hanban, “One of the first three middle schools which have passed the accreditation of CITA (Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, USA)”; “Top One Hundred Strongest Middle Schools in China”, “One of the Ten Model Schools in the Campus Cultural Construction of the First National Primary and Middle Schools” and others. As a high school specializing in foreign languages teaching, VHSC has rich experience in teaching English, Japanese and French. Students in VHSC have good command of foreign languages including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students can pick one language among English, Japanese and French as the subject of the college entrance examination. Besides, those subjects are the language preponderant discipline for students to study aboard. The goal of the training system in VHSC is to provide a smooth path for those students who have the academic achievements and ambitions of studying at top tier universities both at home and abroad.

As early as in 1997, the international department of VHSC started to provide international education and overseas educational services. VHSC believes a true international campus should be represented by both Chinese and international students.  Since then, VHSC has become a leading high school for international exchange in Chongqing.  VHSC’s curriculum includes academic education with high school diploma, Advanced Placement courses, TOEFL and IELTS training , intercultural exchange, overseas study consulting, international educational exchange visits, exchange visits with sister schools abroad, summer and winter camp arrangements,  mandarin training and cultural exchanges for international students, construction of overseas Confucius classroom, Chinese Bridge activities, and summer camps. Through 13 years of development and experience, VHSC has built a systematic, scientific and internationalized talent training mechanism. It has thus far successfully sent over 200 graduates to top universities around the world.  VHSC carries out the strategy of from "introduction" to "going global.” Each year, VHSC has graduates who move onto top universities both in and out of China.

The 60+ international students come from six counties make VHSC the high school with the highest number of international students in Southwest China. Both the recruiting number and test results ranked number one in the government examination for studying in Singapore during the past 10 years. Nearly 20 foreign educational organizations and delegations visit our School each year. In addition, more than 200 students have exchange visits with foreign Middle and Elementary Schools as well as universities each year. Lastly, over 30 VHSC students are accepted by overseas universities each year.  In summary, VHSC has made great achievements in promoting education and international cultural and educational exchange.

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