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Verakin Property Zhao Honghang, Yang Xiaodi Elected as “Top 10 People of Property Management” of Nan’an District

Published:2016-10-12 11:29 | Issued: Verakin Property Wang Wei

Zhao Honghang keeps overcoming difficulties of work with his solid professional skills, saving for the company over 50,000 yuan of fees and winning himself 21 thanks letter and 6 thanks flag from property owners. With the most sincere and active working attitude, he became the model of afforesting section of Verakin Property.

Since the employment, Yang Xiaodi actively acquired herself knowledge of customer service, engineering and laws and regulations. From being a little strange about property management and shy in serving property owners to doing a good job of communicating with  and solve all kinds of problems for property owners, she raised the fee-collection rate and  satisfaction rate of property owners of the district under her management to 99.8% and 100% respective through her hard work. By July this year, the fee-collection rate of t Yang Xiaodi ranked No. 1 among the whole management division.


All the solid data reflected the extraordinary side of them. They are the most beautify people of Property Management and also a beautify scenery of the daily service of Verakin Property.