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Verakin Real Estate Won “ West China Real Estate Brand Value TOP 10” For Five Successive Years

Published:2016-09-07 15:01 | Issued:Verakin New Park City Brand and Development Department

September 6th, “China Real Estate Top 10 Research Team” made of State Council Development and Research Center Enterprise Institute, Tsing Hua University Real Estate Institute and China Index Institute held the “2016 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Result Press and the 13th China Real Estate Brand Development Summit at Beining Yanxihu Lake International Conference Center. Due to its excellent performance, Verakin Real Estate won “2016 West China Real Estate Brand Value Top 10”, which is the fifth time Verakin Real Estate won this honor.  In the meanwhile, Verakin Property Won No.1 Place of “ the 2016 Leading Brand of Southwest China Property Service Companies”. Vice President of Verakin Real Estsate Mr. Zhang Ji get the awards on behalf of the company.

Build an all-phase education system, start “real estate +education” new mode

Based on its own strength in education, Verakin continue to endeavor in the combined development of real estate and education . Verakin High School of Chongqing has entered the league of first class middle school of Chongqing based on its outstanding education results and internationalized all-around education concepts. In the meanwhile, using the international education resources of Verakin Group, Verakin High introduced advanced curriculum system from many world-renown universities including MIT. Verakin Gourp is planning to co-found a Sino-American International School with the top private high school Germantown Academy in Chongqing .  Besides, Verakin Group would start a new mode of “one-stop education service “and “school-community education cooperation “ by introducing the affiliate kindergarten of Beijing Normal University , Yuying Primary School, etc..


Break old set-up , Plan new structure of “Community Business Circle”
For the traditional commerce of sales, sales and operation are completely independent. Developers are only responsible for sales and let the investors’ return, survival of the operating party and the operation of the whole commerce run its free course. To break the od setup of separate sale and operation of whole of traditional commercial real estate, Verakin promotes the “Verakin Commerce 518 Plan” to build a brand-new “community circle” mode and concept, create a mile-stone strategic orientation for the development of social commerce.

“518 Plan” will combine the commerce operation resources and operate in a business circle. Through services of property type plan, operation tutoring, and business promotion, help property owners transfer from traditional investment mode to assets management mode. In the meanwhile, through expert operation and management platform and professional business inviatation, shorten the vacancy period of commerce property and raise lease income to create a community business circle of reasonable planning and layout, convenient consumption, proving multi-stage systematic safeguard for property owners, business runners and community residents, creating a sustainable win-win platform for the three parties.


Everything for the satisfaction of property owners, Safeguard Verakin Brand

Verakin Property will always bear its core value of “ credit and sight, client satisfaction” and improve service from the basics. Verakin Property always guide their behavior with the satisfaction of property owners. As always, Verakin Property has been doing work at low key and discover strength and weakness based on the satisfaction of property owners and keep improving its service .Keeping up with the tide of “ Internet+”, Verakin also setup its own Wechat public platform.

The launching of Verakin Wechat Platform has become a channel to communicate with property owners and a new way to serve property owners faster. Currently, there are three sections on the Verakin Wechat platform, through which property owners could communicate with property in time and know about news of the community. Besides, Verakin property also build a service call center, combine the resources of engineering and maintenance, deal with the requests of property owners intensively, and solve every single issue of property owners fast, including maintenance, service consultancy, suggestions and opinions and complains handling. Each functional section of the center include phone service zone, comprehensive engineering zone, practice room, warehouse, and document room, etc. Phone service zone is manily responsible for property service consultancy, maintenance application, complains and suggestions, public information , community value-added service, on-line service, etc., providing Verakin client all-day long , all-aspect service and a more comfortable life.  
Based on its education strength, Verakin Real Estate continued to exploit its strategy of combined development of real estate and education and take the lead in starting up the new mode of “ one-stop education service” and “ School- Community Education Cooperation” and actively break the old commercial real estate layout mode to build a brand new “ community business circle” concept. With the safeguard of property service with the goal of “ everything for the satisfaction of property owners"