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Verakin Plaza Project U Group Successfully Delivered

Published:2016-09-05 09:47 | Issued:Verakin New Park City Zhou Jing

 August 30th, the delivering work of Verakin Plaza Project U Group went smoothly and successfully. During the intensive delivering period, 1017delivery notices were issued with 461 units actually delivered. The delivery rate of customer visit is 91.65 with 100% rate of property management fee deposit.


Group U delivered this time and Group S delivered before and now in operation are both important commercial parts of Verakin Plaza. With Group S and U delivered, the business atmosphere of Chayuan New District will be greatly improved, providing property owners of Verakin New City and residents of the whole Chayuan District with quality city commercial services.   


The delivery work has gained strong support form company leaders, departments and subsidiary and branch companies. Through the common effort of all group members of delivery working group, the intensive delivery work is successfully done.