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Verakin Brand

The concept of Verakin brand design is ‘open the window of vision’, and its theme is the graphic of traditional Chinese style window frame, which represents, Verakin will firmly uphold its ambition and mission in real estate industry, continuously build ideal and comfortable residence for customers so as to bring them beautiful vision of future life. Meanwhile, it also represents, only providing customers good products can realize Verakin’s good vision. 

The shape of the logo looks like urban planning map, aerial view of a city, and flat layout chart, which means, Verakin is dedicated to urban development, continuously and delicately provide comfortable residence for customers, and draw them blueprint of a beautiful life

Logo isa clever combination of four character of “同”(Tong), which perfectly display 4 ideas of Verakin: Create Superior Life for Customers;Create excellent return to shareholders ;Create Superior Life for Employees;Take responsibilities of corporate citizenship.. In addition, it also represents Verakin spirit of unity and striving forward, and powerful inner drive of the company.  

Logo looks like a shinning diamond, which shows Verakin pursue better and perfect, produce products likecutting diamond. It also represents, Verakin will be a longevity enterprise like a diamond.

The flame and energy of diamond implies, Verakin has been on the way of sustainable development driven by positive power. In metaphor, it shows Verakin, the English name of 同景,is originated from Veritas.