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Verakin Value Talents

Verakin Value Talents

Verakin View of Talent——

Human resource is the first major resource of a company       


1、We need a batch of coworkers who have capability, ideal and are will to accept the idea of customer satisfaction. Their talents shall be fully played, and they are willing to hard work, forge ahead, keep passion for work, and create superior life for customers and themselves through our products, service, communication and so on.

2、To us, healthy and happy employees are the source of power driving company’s development, human labor is the most important assets of our company.

3、We insist that, all systems and regulation in our company need to be formulated and implemented based on people and respect humanity.

4、We encourage a working environment with simple interpersonal relation. Everybody shall work together to create a trust, equal, mutual respect working environment.

5、We require managers assist staff to discover their own strength, and fully display their strength. All level of management have responsibility to help staff have good performance, help them create success and let them feel successful.

We believe, all Verakin people are the community of interests, career, and life. We provide employees competitive reward, payment and benefits; we provide employees professional career guide service and promotion training opportunities; we create stable jobs and a platform for you to display.