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Group A and B are located where with most central values in the 3,000-mu Verakin New Park City community, covering an area of approximately 100,000 sq.m and with a total building area of about 160,000 sq.m. This project borders a mountainous park, possessing blessed resources of mountainous landscape. Fairyland-like view of “tea mountains and bamboo seas” is created in the mountainous park. This project is close to Tongjiang Avenue, also near to the bus station in plan, which provides convenient transportation. Nan’an District new government building is just opposite the project, and its potential for value appreciation is huge due to the district government moves here. To the south of the project is the business center covering the entire community and the whole core area of Chayuan New Zone, which enable people nearby shopping.

Property types in Group A and B are mainly 5+1 stories garden flats, in addition, there are some 11+1 stories elevator flats, about 1,180 units in total. This project adopts linear distribution, with a maximum building distance of nearly 40m and a minimum one of 18m, forming an inside park. Buildings are arranged to be diversified and vivid. Height difference is used to create water view. The design considered the climate features and residential habits and preferences in Chongqing, and designed a court in each flat. According to different life styles, different flat types were designed and  each flat type represents each family life style.

Parking area in group A and B are planned at a flats area-to-parking area ratio of 2:1, all located underground in group A and B respectively. Complete separation of pedestrians and vehicles is realized across the whole community. 

Project Site: Verakin New Park City, Chayuan New Zone, Nan’an District, Chongqing Municipality

Telephone: +86 23 62499091