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Verakin New Park City • Huaxi (Group G, Handed over to Customers): Group G covers 82,700 sq.m in total, with a total building area of 145,000 sq.m (among which the residential building area occupies 107,327.35 sq.m), a floor area ratio of 1.4 and total 864 flat units. The living community is a multi-story mini-townhouse building. There is a nearly 40m wide and about 300m long Huaxi landscape belt. The Italian terrace garden labyrinth, Rumba garden, gallery and stone wall all provide view inside the community. The types of mini-townhouse in Verakin New Park City • Huaxi are more diversified. For some one-story mini-townhouse, semi-underground multifunctional rooms are arranged in addition to large private courts; some two-story mini-townhouse also possess their own private courts and semi-underground multifunctional rooms, maximum the usage.

Project Site: Verakin New Park City, Chayuan New Zone, Nan’an District, Chongqing Municipality

Telephone: +86 23 62499091