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Xiangxi Maishang

Verakin New Park City · Xiangxi Maishang 2 (Group N, Sold Out): This living community is in the southwest of the entire project, opposite Group M by Zongsan Line to the east, bordering Hengliu Road, nearby Kuxi River to the south, Tongjiang Avenue to the west, close to Verakin core business circle of 260,000 square meters and Verakin square of no smaller than 500mu, and adjacent to Chayuan Stop of Light Rail No. 6 (Verakin Stop), convenient transportation. Planned green lands for Chongqing lie to both the south and west of the used land, providing beautiful environments. 10 buildings are in Group N. After rotating the building for 45°, all single buildings are arranged with angle to angle, to minimize distance between buildings and centralize center landscapes of groups. Moreover, the rotation of single buildings significantly reduces the adverse factors of NW-oriented residence and avoids problems of short distance and face-to-face looking of buildings. Buildings adopt point style layout, enable each of them enjoy the public green area. All flats are duplex, with an indoor story height of 5.7m (can be divided into two layer: 2.9m and 2.8m).Specifically built for the needs of modern youths, the living space and the sitting room are separated above and below; the static and dynamic separation further meets the residential and living rhythm of the youth and their behavior habits. The entire design enable spaces can be separated or combined for flexible use. The living community consists mainly of two parts: the central courtyard landscape area and the riverside commercial street.

Project Site: Verakin New Park City, Chayuan New Zone, Nan’an District, Chongqing Municipality

Telephone: +86 23 62499091